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Donate to Literacy

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization
Tax ID: 91-1220307 

Help Whatcom Literacy Council remain sustainable into the future.

Planned Giving

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Planned Giving

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Employer Matching Gifts

Starbucks, Boeing, Microsoft, Alaska Airlines... these and many other companies will match your donation resulting in doubled and sometimes tripled contributions. All it takes is for you to request the match... usually by filling out a form from your employer.


Individual Retirement Accounts or 401(k)

Name Whatcom Literacy Council as a beneficiary of your retirement account or direct the Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) us. 


Charitable IRA Rollover

If you are age 70-1/2 or older and taking minimum distributions, you can donate from your IRA without a tax penalty.

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Life Insurance

This option allows you to make a significant gift to charity, with tax benefits that you can enjoy during your lifetime.

Appreciated Stock

Your gift of stock gets reinvested in Whatcom County, and qualifies you for an immediate tax deduction based on the full market value.

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Estate Gifts

Include a charitable bequest in your will for a lasting gift to our community.

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Charitable Remainder Trust

This option allows you to receive income for the rest of your life, knowing that the remainder will benefit Whatcom Literacy Council and our community. 

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Private/Family Foundation

Managing family foundations can present many challenges. Converting to a donor advised fund can provide administrative ease while continuing to carry out the family foundation’s impact. 

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Real Estate

The value of your real estate may exceed any other asset you own. Using property gains can fulfill your charitable interests while providing financial and tax benefits.

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Closely Held Corporations

Donors can give shares of closely held corporations, and once sold, the proceeds can support Whatcom Literacy Council.


Tangible Personal Property

Real property such as artwork with a certified appraisal can fund your charitable goals.

Also see options to...

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