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Success Stories

With help from the Whatcom Literacy Council, our students are improving their skills, careers, families, and quality of life.

Changing Lives



Marcia Church and Yao Qui at WCC 09.28.2023.jpg

"Helping your learner achieve something as valuable as literacy, while at the same time watching them build their self-confidence, is quite gratifying."

— Volunteer Tutor
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“I have learned how to use verbs, tenses, adjectives, and nouns. Before I have problems for speaking, I’m always shy. But I didn’t speak English, but now I’m doing well. At work, everyone says, “Veerpal, now you’re doing good.”  My teacher, she is teaching is good.”

— Veerpal, Learner

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“The experience of working with a variety of different adults with different skill levels and backgrounds has been eye-opening for me. It is an experience that I really value and I look forward to seeing Veerpal flourish, and to working with other adults who want to learn, or improve, their English skills.”

– Kate, Tutor

Veerpal Kate.jpg

“Testimonial goes here or we can add a statement that says what this learner achieved.”

– Shuhei Matsuoka 

Hadia Rezai and Shuhei Matsuoka 10.11.2023.jpg
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